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her smart phone. she is such a workaholic, she works on her wedding day and tries to tuck it in to her dress. >> my wedding planner removed it. i'm glad he did. >> reporter: eva is an engaged workaholic, a new term for people who work long hours not because they are driven by unhealthy compulsion but they love their jobs and want to stay ahead. >> the economy is adding a new level of pressure to the work force. >> reporter: so are you a workaholic? researchers developed a skill, some of the questions include how often do you hear others tell you to cut down on work? do you become stressed if you aren't at wok, do you think about how you can free up more time to work. if you answered often to the questions, you could be a workaholic. >> it's a red flag.
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>> reporter: the doctor says she seeing more patients who are stressed about work and she blames the economy. >> there is a perception if i lose my job i'm never going to get a job again. >> reporter: some experts say the constant connectivity of smart phones causing more people to become workaholics because they can't escape work. the days of working 9 to 5 are long gone. >> take a quiz. here are the stories we are working for you coming up at 5:00. >> stay with us, we will talk about getting pumped. we are still in the game. how the ore orioles are inching closer.
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funds raising efforts ramped up, scammers are doing the same thing. the tricks you may find yourself prey to. the promise of a free cruise or a vacation, if you answer polling questions. scammers will ask for a credit card number to cover the fees. experts suggest you answer the campaign yourself. good morning at 5:00, starts right now. neighborhood is cleared out
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because of hazardous threats. now police are looking for teenager they say could be to blame for the whole thing. no one is saying way until next year. the playoff hunt they find themselves in. good morning, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. thank you for joining us. >> democrats are gathering in north carolina for the beginning of the convention. today is the kickoff. >> last week it was about the republicans, now the democrats turn and a lot of eyes on charlotte, north carolina this morning. the highlight is expected to be the prime time speech, something that is anticipated. this eve, michelle obama. >> the keynote speakler be the mayor from san antonio texas. introducing him will be our governors martin o'malley, tabbing the podium around 10:00 -- taking the podium around
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10:00. we will head to north carolina and send it over to brandy hit. >> reporter: good morning, the stage is set. now it's time for the democratic national convention to begin. the most popular woman in the white house will be taking the podium later tonight. the first day of the democratic national convention will spotlight first lady, might be lady michelle obama. >> reporter: the obama campaign to mrs. obama as the closer. she must convince america he husband is taking the country in the right direction. a similar opening night to last week's republican convention, when ann romney painted her husband as a likable guy. >> can i tell you mitt romney
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was not handed success. >> reporter: when the gavel strikes on the convention stage the president will be in the midst of his road to charlotte campaign tour touting efforts to bring the economy back. >> i stood with american workers, with american manufacturing, i believed in you. >> reporter: other speakers will do the same, chicago mayor rob emmanuel and castro. the most challenging part of the speech is not the words themselves, it's having command of the arena. >> reporter: he is a up and comer within the party and taking the slot that shot another young democrat in to political stardom in to 2004. >> the next senator from the state of illinois, barack obama. >> reporter: back then he was known as state senator obama. joe biden will arrive in charlotte today. he delivers his speech thursday.
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brandy hit, abc2 news. they have been dealing with weather down there in north carolina. some storm moved out. we could have storms all week. >> absolutely, we saw it yesterday. over to lynette charles. we got tropical feeling air, pushing in across the area. we could be seeing downpours throughout the day as well. be prepared, will seeing rain in york, pennsylvania, but just to the south of yorks manchester, westminster, carroll county, tawny town, wet weather and pockets of heavier rain showers. as we slide to the south, we can see showers around randalstown, wood lawn, ellicott city and columbia. this is the scenario through the afternoon as well. 73 aberdeen, the dew point at 73. patchy fog this morning, this is what it looks like hour by
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hour as we wake up, temperature coming in around 77 degrees by lunchtime, scattered showers and storms in the forecast, 83. now a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. it's not about construction on the roads, it's about debris. we have two reports, maryland 25, ridge road, you have debris in the road. we just got this in, 136 closed in both directions, due to debris. an issue south of town, at green castle road. outside for a live shot. we will look at right around 83, york road, quiet now, volume will pick up during the course of the morning. 95 northbound, in to the fort mc henry tolls, an 8 minute ride. outer loop, an 11 minute ride. search is on for a
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baltimore county teenager who mixed chemicals in his home and caused a hazmat incident in parkville. linda so is live at county police headquarters where they are looking for the teenager. police are testing the chemical to determine what it was. they are saying that it was not bomb making material. police are hazmat crews were called to park view. the person living there called 911 after he smelled a odor from the basement. he found his nephew and his friend mixing chemicals, they sold it to people to get high. >> i smell the worst smell i ever smelled in my life. i felt light headed, i thought i was going to pass out and maybe throw up. >> reporter: the teen's uncle says he had to call 911 911
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earlier in the day when he saw a message from his nephew about attacking a high school. one man died in a shooting on bail avenue before noon. police didn't release the conditions of the six people shot. 28 year old woman hit by a car and the driver kept on going. police are trying to find that person who was behind the wheel of a sky blue car around 7:30, north of hickory bypass. the woman was near or in the road waving he arms. the car swerved to the left but hit her on the passenger side with the mirror. witnesses saw the car pull over 500 feet down the road and pull away and leave. if you have information, you are asked to call police as quickly as possible. the search continues for a
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philadelphia man tossed off of a sail boat. they were thrown from the boat it happened in a afternoon skoal yesterday -- squall yesterday. the helicopter spent the night searching the waters. the rest of the crew will be back when the sun comes up this morning. arundel council taking up several bills, this is happening tonight that would prevent taxpayers from footing the bill for large legal settlements, stemming from legal issues facing john leopold. the first bill requires council approval of the lae settlements, the second bill allows the county attorney to pursue the recovery of damages from an employee. leopold is facing several charges of misusing security detail for personal and political tasks. he goes to trial in january. one game back, 28 left to
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play, orioles are steering september in to a playoff run. afternoon ball behind saunders, he was great. retired 17 straight. yankees lost to tampa. its time to get punched up. we are talking about fall ball in baltimore and it's baseball. two in canada before coming home thus. we need need thursday through sunday to have great weather. saturday looks dicey, so does sunday. let me show you what is going on, 75 degrees, we are looking at visibility issues, 7 miles reduced visibility and the dew point at 73s you can see we are dealing with patchy fog this
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morning, sunrise 6:38. look at the satellite and radar, we are socked in with the clouds and showers, that trend will continue as we head throughout the day, we are the remnants of isaac, a warm front slicing through and a cold front moving through in time. lots to talk about, i will break it down coming up. now a check of the time saver traffic with mike masco. good morning, everybody. less bring you to the maps. we have issues issues north of the city limits. we will slides this towards the north. this is an accident closing down route 25 in both directions. debris in the roadways heading north of that and pilesville. construction closer to the city limits on sinclair lane. that's going to reduce speeds as you make your y in to mahoney avenue.
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695 harford, smooth sailing. we will look at traffic in less than ten minutes. labor day weekend is a popular time to head to the country's national forest and go camping. >> if if you pitch a tent, you had to scramble. a fire spreading quickly. the latest efforts to get that under control. [ female announcer ] with swiffer dusters,
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a great clean doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm gonna read one of these. i'm gonna read one of these! [ female announcer ] unlike sprays and dust rags, swiffer 360 duster's extender gets into hard-to-reach places without the hassle. so you can get unbelievable dust pickup in less time without missing a thing. i love that book. can you believe the twin did it? ♪ swiffer. great clean in less time. or your money back.
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officials set up a team to map out how the battle flames and thousands of campers and visitors were forced to evacuate. the fire started yesterday, it quickly grew. the inclines in the mountains making it difficult to get to the flames and fighting the fire has become difficult. air drops are the best option
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in most places. >> it's rugged terrain. we are trying to get aircraft to slow the progress. >> it's moving towards the populated areas and 5% contained. they need mother nature to step in and give them help if that's possible. >> that's right. too bad they are not getting the remnants of isaac. they will see that for the rest of the day. tropical downpours like yesterday. lots of clouds around with the clouds they are at the ground at the surface. we are dealing with patchy fog this morning. we are dealing with a warm front that's going to move through the area as we head through today, we can see that humid air, that muggy air pumping in, nasty and miserable. the case of the muggies again for today. there is isaac, remnant low that will continue the push through and a cold front towards the west, that will make its way in here as we head in to thursday. for right now, temperature wise, we are so warm, mild, 75,
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feeling warmer than that because of the humid conditions. edgewood 74 degrees, marriottsville 72. ar banna 72. 71 westminster. 7 a 5 easton. -- 75 easton. the winds are sustained at 65 miles per hour. not moving quickly to the north, 4 man, it is is folked to strengthen as we go through time to a category two, we are going to keep ow eyes peeled for this one -- our eyes peeled for this one. we see the rain pushing in through the monning morning and afternoon, and downpours in time for your commute home. this will continue in to tomorrow and things will taper off as we go in to you friday. the hour by hour folk for you by lunchtime today, around 83 degrees, a check of your seven- day forecast brings in drier conditions by friday. now a check of the time saver
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traffic with mike masco. good morning, that's a heck of a 7 day, lynette. here is what is going on, on the roadses not about construction, not about an accident, it's about debris on the roadways this morning. it's n of baltimore. -- north of baltimore. that's an accident, 30 and dover and road. be aware, overnight storms causing tree limbs to come down. an accident south of the city limits, green castle, 38 miles per hour speeds have been reduced. we will take a look and show you, things are looking good, 695, harford, we will send to it 70 at 29. looking good at this hour. a check on traffic in less than ten minutes. mike you are going to like this story. here is proof you can fry about anything. the winner of the 2012 big tex
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choice award for the best tasting, new fried food, is fried jambalaya, the competition is part of the fair which opens this month. gonzalez, his concoction is a cajun combination, fried to golden perfection. there is spicy ranch sauce, served on the side. he has won the past few years for his fried butter, fried coke, cookie dough and peanut butter and jelly sandwich. there is banana on the sandwich. he gained 20 pounds while perfecting the recipe. >> tobacco, jambalaya, good to go. >> gross. >> really? >> yes. >> clearly it's not for her, you and 8000 friends, maybe help out with this. this is for you. look at. that that is a ton burger.
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2000 pounds. they cooked up this to win the guinness record for the largist burger ever grilled. it was ten feet across and needed to be cooked for four hours. they used a crane to turn it. 50 pounds of lettuce, 50 pounds of onions. 50 pounds or 40 pounds of pickles. like that matters. 40 pounds of cheese. dirty harry crashed the republican national convention. democrats are hoping america's sweetheart will do the same. i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy...
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but not just cheese - mac and cheese. then i wanna add some oomph. and... top it off with a little kick. and... napkins. it's build your own burger. now at denny's. actor michael clark is dead. the star of the green mile was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack. he never really recovered from
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the heart attack, he was a former body guard for will smith and fox. he was supposed to protect big before switching assignments. he quit the job and became an actor full time. he also did armageddon, the whole 9 9 yards and sin city. republicans had clint eastwood, now democrats want betty white. change dog launched the petition to get the gold en girl to appear in charlotte. the speech made headlines last week, after he interviewed an invisible president obama. white has endorsed the president and did that back in may. as of last night, the petition had 4600 supporters. those packers maybe out of luck, betty white's agent said she is in production on her 2 tv shows and likely will not be available to appear in
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charlotte. [ female announcer ] over the last ten years,
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this is one devoted husband. >> [technical difficulties] [audio problems] >> i know larry will do everything possible for me. >> i love her more now than when i met her. because we are not two, we are
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one. >> we need each other. we have been together so long. >> the insurance will cover the cost of the surgery. they have turned down offers of money. they just want a kidney and more time to be together. they are getting at all paperwork together so potential donors can be tested. taking you to one call where an intruder showed up with no clothes on. what in the would is going on he? two would be robbers pick the wrong house to hit and the wrong homeowner to mess with. how one man refused to take this crime lying down. good morning, topping america's money, gas prices should be going down this month. at the highest for a labor day
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weekend, fueled by a shutdown of oil production along the gulf coast thanks to hurricane isaac. organic foods are the fastest growing at grocery markets. there is a difference in in the level of pesticide residue but not significant. it will cost you less to use lay away at toys are us. the toy store chain is waiving the service fee and minimum purchase requirements. after that $5. the national average from the tooth fairy is $3 a tooth. that's up 15% through last year. the company is launching apps to help determine the real tooth.
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